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Business owner, entrepreneur, start a business, business education
Business owner, entrepreneur, start a business, business education
Business owner, entrepreneur, start a business, business education
Business owner, entrepreneur, start a business, business education

Helping Entrepreneurs Make More Money In Less Time.

At Millionaire University...

Our Mission is Threefold

  1. Help people find their passion in life.

  2. Help them bring that passion to the world in the form of a business.

  3. Teach them how to be in a position where they can provide for their family, live a rich happy life, and give back to others.  

Business owner, entrepreneur, start a business, business education

Our Story

Justin Williams, BYU football, Tara Williams
Father with baby at birth at hospital, birth, baby, new father, growing family.

Justin dropped out of college with just one semester left...


He just couldn't do it anymore.  

He was literally being PAID to go to school!  His tuition, books, rent, food and all other expenses were being completely covered.  

Not only did he drop out, but he convinced his pregnant wife Tara, to quit her job as a third grade teacher as well.  

They both had dreams and could tell, Justin's college and Tara's job, weren't getting them any closer.  They were just surviving...

So they quit everything and set out to take control of their own destiny.  It was their time. 


That decision was one of best they've ever made.   

Little did they know, that the baby on the way, would later inspire them to take on the task of completely flipping the entire education system on its head...creating a movement. Creating a community.  A school for people who were tired of the old way.  Those ready for change.  Those who believe in a better way to learn and and a clearer path to live their dreams.  

But it didn't quite start out that way. 

They had no doubt that their first business would make them millions.


But within their first year, they had a failed business partnership and $120,000 of debt to show for it. 


They had a decision to make.  Throw in the towel and declare bankruptcy or dig themselves out of the hole...

They got to work and within 6 months and a lot of brute force, they got themselves out of debt. 


Shortly after, they transitioned into their 2nd business.  It took some time to get traction, but they finally started to see some success.  They were living the dream.  They moved to the beach with their family of 4, happy that the days of struggle were far behind them.

But things changed and while Tara was 8.5 months pregnant with their 3rd child, Justin found her in tears on the bed.  They were once again struggling to pay their bills.  For the second time, Justin felt like he had let his family down. 


Despite the ups and downs, they still believed they could do it.  That they would someday realize their dreams.  So they dug deep again a eventually things turned around and the following year, they made their first million dollars!!

They didn't know it at the time, but they had cracked the code.  They had discovered a process that could be replicated in any business. 

This allowed them to start another business. Through quick action and effective learning, that business also turned into a thriving, 7 figures a year, business.  


After 8 years they sold their business.  This allowed them to consult and invest in various companies, but mostly it allowed them to breathe and spend time with their family, to travel, to relax, to learn.  They had basically retired at the age of 40.  Something they'd always dreamt of doing.  


Now back to the little baby boy who was one of the motivating factors that kept them pushing in those early years...


He's now 17 years old and a junior in high school.  He and his siblings have heard their parents thoughts on college and have seen the fruits of entrepreneurship.


But as he gets older, it's time for him to choose his own path.  

Will he go to college for 4-12 years?  Take classes he doesn't really have any interest in.  Pay someone to tell him what to do and where to be, even if he doesn't agree with the value of the assignments given?  Will he graduate with a ton of debt?  Will he get a job he doesn't really like, while working for someone who's then going to spend the rest of their life telling him what to do?

Or will he start a business of his own?


We live in the information age and anything you want to learn is right at your finger tips.  But the online world can be daunting for someone to navigate who doesn't know what path to take. Will he even know what to do while navigating the online world?    


That's when Justin and Tara decided to do something... 

It was time to take action and not just complain about the available options.


Why can't you make money while learning?  Why do you have to go into a ton of debt while learning very little about creating wealth?  Why can't you choose the classes you want to take?   Why can't you learn what you're truly motivated to learn?


Why do so many graduate with little to no understanding of how to make money?  Why can't you make money doing the thing you love and then change and adapt as you want to later on? What if we create a better way for education and wealth creation? 


College had created a path...the online world had created the opportunity...what if we married the two?


Allowing people to make significantly more money in significantly less time.  Giving them the clear path and the support to they need, to help them along the way.  A path customized to fit their goals and their needs. 

Our goal with Millionaire University is to flip the education system on its head.  

Making money is not hard.  It's the knowing what to do and how to do it, that gets people hung up.  Our mission at Millionaire University is to help others create a financially rewarding and more fulfilling life. 

Education is invaluable.  At Millionaire University, the way we go about learning is very different.  You'll learn more in a week than most people learn in a year.  We don't put you in a box. We figure out what you want and help you create the path you want to take.  Life on your terms.   Learning shouldn't feel like busy work.  It should have a purpose.  We shouldn't have to wait until we graduated to learn how to do the things we really want to do in life.  We shouldn't feel like we are ever stuck doing something that we don't want to do or no longer feel fulfilling.  We should be able to explore different options and go after our dreams, not tied to a pile of debt and a life that is already set in stone. 


We're all about creating jobs and being grateful for employment, but we should never have to feel like we are in a prison and being forced to work for someone else doing what they demand, if it doesn't align with our passion or fit the way we want to live.  

Education should be empowering...

NOT Imprisoning.  

We are by NO means saying that creating a thriving business and living a life of wealth and doing what you love is easy.  BUT it isn't any harder than the alternative.  It is our belief that as more people are able to have the epiphany that we had many years ago, while having the tools, education and clear path that we didn't have when we started out, they will be able to take advantage of a different way to make money.  A different approach to life.  A better way.  

Our mission is threefold...


1)   Help people find their passion in life

2 ) Help them bring that passion to the world in the form of a business.

3) Teach them how to be in a position where they can provide for their family, have the time to live a rich, happy life and give back to others.  


Good things are coming and we're just getting started! 

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