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We’re more than a podcast, we’re your partner…

When you’re a guest on Millionaire University, we invest $2,500+ in promoting YOU.

That’s because we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Amplifying your message helps us grow our show and helps you attract more clients and customers for your business — a true win-win that sets us apart from 99% of other podcasts.

Our model is so effective, it gets you real results (think 40,000+ downloads!) in only a fraction of the time. And we can prove it!

Just imagine the old, antiquated approach to guest appearing on podcasts — the one that you’re used to and tired of dealing with:

❌ The hosts aren’t serious about growing their platform

❌ They haven’t committed nearly enough time or capital into growing their audience

❌ Where you’d be lucky to get even 100 listens and even luckier to get a single new lead…

At that rate, you’d have to be on
400 different podcasts to achieve the same results that MU offers its guests in a single episode.

To give you some more perspective, let’s say that each of those 400 episodes require 2 hours of your time (including pitching, coordinating, planning, recording, etc.). Going about it this way would equate to a total of 800 hours! At 40 hours per week, that’s almost half a year!

This ultimately means that if you’re a 6- or 7-figure business owner, like the majority of our guests, you’re likely paying anywhere from $100,000 - $500,000 in time value.

We knew that there had to be a better way.

Now imagine taking that old approach and flipping it on its head — creating an entirely new podcasting model that actually moves your business forward:

✅ The hosts have spent 18 months and contributed upwards of $500,000 to build their brand

✅ They match, even exceed, the guest contribution to promote your episode to a huge audience of podcast listeners

✅ Where you’re guaranteed a minimum of 40,000 listens from both aspiring and current entrepreneurs…

As a guest on MU, you 400x your impact in just one episode — saving you hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What can we say? Our goal is to always give more than we receive. That’s the difference with Millionaire University!​​

“But, but, what about…?” We get that anything new is bound to be met with some skepticism.


Here are a couple of the most common objections we hear and our responses to them:

    💭 “I don’t pay to be on podcasts.”

We hear you! We've been podcasting since 2013 and up until recently had never paid to promote our podcast either. But we saw that the cheese had moved and we decided to move with it and it's one of the best business decisions we've ever made!

So here's what you're REALLY PAYING by "NOT PAYING...


Most podcasts get around 100 listens per episode (and that's being generous!) An average MU podcast has around 40,000 listens per episode. If you were to focus on guesting on average podcasts that don't invest in growth, you would be spending about 800 hours of your time (if you include the interview, pitching, coordinating, planning, recording, etc.) just to reach the same number of people in one interview/masterclass on MU! 

The truth is, we are investing in YOU!  Not only have we already invested over $500,000 in promoting the MU platform to build it up to what it is today, BUT we continue to invest an average of $2,500 into promoting every episode we produce.

In the beginning, we were investing around $6-$7 dollars to get one single listen! But we've learned the best ways to invest and have created some amazing relationships and negotiated some amazing discounts and are able to pass those savings onto our MU guest partners and sponsors. 


We make it easy for you to get your message out to the world! We've invested financially to grow an amazing audience, we invested time and effort in finding and working with amazing hosts, editors, and created some amazing relationships with marketing partners. We take care of EVERYTHING! All you have to do is show up prepared to share your expertise with the world and we take it from there! What could you do with all of that time you would save by being a guest on MU?

    💭 "How do I know I'll get a return on my investment?" 


Podcast guesting is one of the best (if not THE best) promotional channels we've encountered. Unlike traditional direct-response marketing, podcast listeners are a high-caliber and motivated audience. When you appear on a podcast, you’re not competing with cat memes on Facebook for attention. You have someone's full attention for 40 minutes to an hour while they listen to your message.

Because of the nature of podcasting, listeners are often at the gym, driving, or otherwise occupied when they hear your message. This means you may not get as many immediate clicks from cold leads, but you’re building intimate, meaningful relationships with thousands of people at a time. The results might not feel instantaneous, but your reach and impact are deeper and more powerful than any other marketing method.

We've had countless cases where a $25,000 client told us they first heard about us on a podcast we guested on months or even years earlier. Without their feedback, we wouldn't have known where they first heard of us or the impact we were having. When we show up to events, hundreds of people who we've never met see us as celebrities. There's nothing else like it in the world. So while you may not get that instant click buzz, you are literally building relationships with tens of thousands of people and your future clients.

Podcast leads are better leads. While you may not get as many instantaneous low-quality cold leads as you might from other marketing methods, our studies show that engagement, click-through rates, and the lifetime value of leads from podcasting are ten times more valuable.

    💭 “How do I know that this has worked before and that it will work for me?”

You don’t have to take it from us! Our past guests, like Rich, will tell you themselves. Rich Moyer appeared on Millionaire University as a former PGA Golf Pro turned successful entrepreneur and founder of Hoppin’, one of the fastest growing taprooms on the market. His episode is one of our most downloaded to date!

Both he and MU, in our partnership, backed its initial promotion, and it was so successful that Rich opted to invest in a second round of co-op as well. Altogether, his episode is
approaching 110,000 downloads!

Insert Screenshot

Rich Moyer_edited.jpg

Rich Moyer’s podcast episode performance is just one example that proves that our model works.

Headshot testimonial guest appearance page (6).png

We want this decision to be a no-brainer for you. Here’s a simple way to tell if we’re a good fit for each other…

This opportunity is for you if (2).png

You in? Let’s talk details! Our episodes include each of the following!

1️⃣ A 40-60 minute masterclass (interview style) of you sharing your story/expertise with 40,000+ MU listeners.  

2️⃣ An opportunity at the end for you to share where our audience can find/learn more about you and any special offers.

3️⃣ A custom podcast episode/thumbnail featuring you and your episode.

4️⃣ Backlinks to your website, socials, and/or any special offers.

5️⃣ 2 high-quality social posts published across 7 platforms.

6️⃣ The chance to be featured on future episodes, receive additional discounts, and participate in other forms of advertising/cross promotion.

Headshot testimonial guest appearance page (3).png

Because it’s not just about being a guest on Millionaire University. For an outrageously small contribution, you get a lifelong partner in sharing your message and supporting your business success.


And just in case you still aren’t convinced, we compiled some of our favorite episodes to demonstrate how our model can be replicated over and over again!


Data doesn’t lie. See for yourself in these case studies that show our revolutionized approach to podcasting in action!


Corinne Stokoe, the founder of the wildly successful blog shares how to turn your blog into a full-time income source.  Current downloads: 57,000+!

Corinne Mint Arrow_edited.jpg

Episode 138. The Blogging Blueprint: Success Strategies from Mint Arrow's Corinne Stokoe

Nick Loper, host of the Side Hustle Show, discusses 15 side hustles that you can start today with little to no money. Current downloads: 71,000+!

NIck loper stats (2)_edited.jpg

Episode 58. 15 Side Hustles That You Can Start TODAY With Little To No Money with Nick Loper

Mike Hoffman, “Mr. Passive”, shares how he transitioned from a career in sports science and real estate to managing 25 vending machines. Current downloads: 52,000+!

Vending Machine_edited.jpg

Episode 125: How to Start and Grow a Vending Machine Business With Little to No Money With Mike Hoffman

Jon Margalit, owner of America's fastest-growing home cleaning business, shares his tactics for building a million-dollar service-based business. Current downloads: 71,000+!

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at

Episode 93. How to Build a 7 Figure House Cleaning Business w/o Cleaning Houses with Jon Margalit 

Ready to get results like these guests and so much more? Space is limited!

Click the button below to secure your spot today!

FAQ Section



❓ Where can I learn more about/listen to Millionaire University?

You can read about our mission here and listen to the Millionaire University podcast here.


❓ What are your average monthly download numbers?


We currently average about 600,000 monthly downloads (with rapid growth month over month)!

❓ Can a simple podcast appearance really yield more clients and customers?

Yes! Not only has this been the case for our guests, but also for ourselves!


In fact, we remember when we did our first event. We weren't sure if anyone was going to show up or, if they did, if they would care about anything that we had to say. But when we got there, the craziest thing happened! To those 300 attendees, we were 100% celebrities. In the elevator, people were looking at us and whispering, literally too afraid to even talk to us. Occasionally, we'd need someone to actually escort us away just to use the restroom or get something to eat. It was ALL because of our podcast and how well our fans had gotten to know us on such a personal level. I’d say that we felt like stars, but the connection with our listeners was so much more real and authentic than that. And it’s those types of relationships that ultimately make people want to buy from you.

Case in point, we’ve since launched multiple high-ticket programs (one with an enrollment cost of $25,000), and in every instance, the vast majority of our customers have been those people who’ve heard us on a podcast!


❓ What can I expect after filling out the application?


After we receive your application, we’ll do a quick due diligence and make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Then, as long as everything checks out, we’ll contact you via email to schedule your interview!


In general, you can expect to have your interview published to thousands of listeners within just a couple of weeks.


❓ Can I do a sales pitch during my interview?


Each episode of Millionaire University is meant to be a value-packed master class in business growth and wealth creation. It's the reason why we've been able to build such an incredible following of loyal listeners. We've found that the more value our guests provide, the more likely our listeners are to reach out and follow/learn more from that guest. At the end of each episode, we'll give you the opportunity to let listeners know how to contact you and or any special offers you may have! 


❓ Where does the money from my guest contribution actually go?


100% of your guest contribution goes directly toward producing and promoting your specific episode. MU matches, even exceeds, this contribution — a true partnership and a huge win-win for everyone!

❓ How do you promote your show that you can guarantee so many downloads?


For the past 18 months, we've invested heavily into promoting MU. This has allowed us to understand the podcast growth game better than most and build relationships with many podcasters, podcast players, and platforms. When we first started, we were investing several dollars to get just one listen! Today, we've reduced our cost per listen so much that we’re able to pass those savings onto you!


❓Would you be willing to do a cross promotion in lieu of financial contribution? 

We ❤️ collaborating, and considering we invest about $50,000+ per month in promoting our platform, we're definitely open to considering a cross-promotion where it makes sense. Some collaborations we're open to considering in exchange for guesting on MU are podcast interview swaps, podcast promo impressions, (3 to 1 ratio) newsletter promotions, and social media promotions. If you have a large audience and or platform and think a cross-promotion might make sense, mention that in your application. Only serious high-value cross-promotion will be considered. If your situation doesn't fit a cross-promotion, a partnership where we both contribute financially might make more sense for everyone. 

❓ Do you do JV's or affiliate partnerships? 


We love JV's and affiliate partnerships as a business model, but as you know success in business is all about keeping it simple. Less is more. 


Our current model is working very well for both us and our partners and does not include incorporating JV's or affiliates. 

❓ What if I have additional questions that weren’t addressed here?


Please email us at

Click the button below to secure your spot today!

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