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16 Tips for Using Quizzes to Grow Your Business!

Updated: Jan 25

In the world of marketing, there are countless strategies and tactics at your disposal, each promising a path to success. In this article, we dive into a unique and highly effective approach: leveraging quizzes to grow your business!

I recently chatted with my good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Kirsten Tyrrel, about her secret sauce for making quizzes go viral on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

But first, you might be thinking, why quizzes?

According to, quizzes are more than 20X (or 2,000%) better than pop-up email collection forms…and get 400% more engagement (time on site) than other email opt-in sites.

“My customers LOVE my quizzes, and they’ve led to thousands in automated sales. I stopped having to have the same conversations with everyone sliding into my DM’s. And I recently grew a NEW list of over 10k people from ONE quiz in a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t say they were all the highest-quality leads, but I have NEVER had as many people opt in for a PDF. And I’m still nurturing that list now and am maintaining an above-average open email rate and conversion rate to my various offers.”

Need we say more?

So, if you're wondering how to create a successful marketing questionnaire, you're in luck. Kirsten broke it down for us, making it easier than ever to craft that killer marketing quiz.

Tip # 1. Start With the End in Mind

Begin by thinking about what you want your quiz to do. For example, are you trying to sell a specific product, grow your email list, get better leads, or better understand your ideal customer? Knowing your main goal will help you create a quiz that works.

Kirsten's Tip: "Your quiz's goal is like setting your GPS for a road trip. You need to know where you're going."

Tip # 2. There’s a Skill to Getting Higher Completion Rates

You want to ask yourself, what’s in it for them? The quiz should pinpoint the problem before you’ve even shown them your solution. This will help you make a quiz that they'll like and resonate with them. Plus, it will give them a quick win so you begin building trust with your audience right away.

Kirsten's Tip: "It's like making a meal for a friend. You want to know what they like to eat to make something they enjoy."

Tip # 3. Create Interesting Content

Make sure your quiz is fun AND helpful. In order to avoid lame leads, you need to make the quiz less like a BuzzFeed quiz that’s just for fun, and more like a business asset that is much more likely to generate high quality leads. For example, Kirsten's quiz, "What Side Hustle Is Perfect for You?" was popular because it helped people understand a business that fit their lifestyle while also giving them useful advice based on their personal answers.

Kirsten's Tip: "The quiz is like a friendly chat with something good at the end. It's not just giving away a PDF."

Tip # 4. Don’t Build Quizzes with Negative Marketing Approaches

Avoid crafting quizzes with negative or manipulative approaches. Rather than breaking people down to build them up, focus on showcasing their strengths and empowering them. This positive approach leaves participants feeling inspired and motivated by the end of the quiz.

Kirsten’s Tip: “We tested a quiz once with my client where we were essentially figuring out what was holding women back from losing weight, but the quiz results were feeling a little negative. Obviously people have a problem they want solved, but it’s better to show them what they have going for them that will lead to a solution and not do a manipulative or negative ‘break them down to build them up’ strategy. We want people feeling empowered at the end of the quiz.”

Tip # 5. Stick to 3, Maybe 4 Result Types

When creating quizzes, it's a good idea to limit yourself to just 3 or maybe 4 different result types. Having too many results can make things complex and eat up a lot of your time. Each result often needs its own set of custom emails, and you'll have to keep personalizing the experience, which can be quite time-consuming. So, even though personalization is important, you don't necessarily need to create extensive quizzes with 8-12 results. Simplify and streamline your approach.

Kirsten’s Tip: “I like to stick to 3, maybe 4 result types, because for me it's a bigger strategy than just fun results… Some of my clients have wanted robust quizzes with 8-12 results, but that’s just not necessary.”

Tip # 6. Understand Where You Are Taking Them After the Quiz

It’s important to consider the best next steps for your prospective customers once the quiz has been completed .You are essentially guiding them down a path where they get what they want when they want without as much of your involvement.

Kirsten’s Tip: “There are 3 different quiz types I have built for my clients and each of them has different steps that will come after the quiz. While you can engage and make opting in a lot of fun, you want to continue to guide your leads down your funnel and make sure you’ve strategically placed offers or products in front of them at the right time.”

Tip # 7. Your Quiz Should Live on Your Website

When creating a quiz, it’s good to remember that while you may create as many paid or organic ads to drive people to your quiz, ultimately your quiz will live on your website. This makes it easier to keep track of visitors and give them access to the items in which they are interested.

Kirsten's Tip: "We obviously want to gain a lot of SEO and traffic for your website. So, I always host it, embed it, and use a platform to build the quiz. Then, I simply embed it on my website. This way, whether it's organic or paid traffic, I'm directing all that traffic to my website."

Tip # 8. Sort and Target

Use software to group quiz-takers based on their answers. This helps you send them specific messages or offers that match what they like. It's about helping them find something they'll enjoy while also helping your business grow. For example, the Outgrow quiz maker uses graphics to show you user data clearly. Its strong analytics also divide the audience, making it easier to retarget them in a personalized and effective way.

Kirsten's Tip: "You can send more information to those who have already visited your site. They're already interested. Retargeting gets much easier when using quizzes to get to know your customers and what they want."

Tip # 9. Craft Engaging Questions

Interesting questions are important for your quiz. They should grab people's attention and keep them interested. Make sure your questions are clear, short, and related to your goal. Use friendly words to make people feel comfortable answering.

Kirsten's Tip: "Imagine your quiz as a fun chat with your audience. You wouldn't start with a boring topic, right? Your questions should be like starting a cool conversation."

Tip # 10. Craft Personalized and Shareable Results

The best part of quizzes is getting personalized results. So, when crafting your quizzes, think shareable, engaging, and lead-generating. It's all about creating a buzz and giving your audience something they can't wait to share. Remember, the more people who take and share your quiz, the more your brand and business will flourish in the digital landscape.

Kirsten's Tip: "People like feeling special. Your personalized results are like a gift made just for them."

Tip # 11. Design the User Experience

Make sure your quiz is easy to use and looks good. It should work well on phones and computers. Many people take quizzes on their phones, so it's important to make it easy for them.

Kirsten's Tip: "Think of your quiz as a store. You want customers to have a good shopping experience. The same goes for your quiz."

Tip # 12. Build Your Quiz to Fit Your Brand

There are different tools to make quizzes, from free to paid options such as Outgrow, ScoreApp, and Riddle. Choose one that fits your needs and can help you get leads and customize results. Make sure your quiz looks like your brand.

Kirsten's Tip: "Think of your quiz tools as your workshop. It's where you create your quiz masterpiece."

Tip # 13. Promote Your Quiz

Making a great quiz is just the start. To get people to take your quiz, you'll need to spread the word. You can achieve this through various means like social media, email marketing, or even running targeted advertisements. For instance, you might share your quiz on Facebook and encourage your followers to try it out.

Kirsten's Tip: "Promoting your quiz is like inviting friends to a party. You've made something cool, now let others know and join the fun!"

Tip # 14. Monitor and Adapt

Keep an eye on how your quiz is doing. Look at important numbers like how many people take it and what they do afterward. Use this info to make your quiz and marketing better.

Kirsten's Tip: "Watching your quiz is like taking care of a garden. You look for growth, make changes when needed, and keep it healthy."

Tip # 15. Sustainability and Growth

A good quiz can help your business for a long time. It doesn't have an expiration date; it works as long as your business matters. But be open to change. Update your quiz when your business grows or changes to serve your audience better.

Kirsten's Tip: "Your quiz is like a classic book. It can change with the times but still be great. Embrace change and keep it fresh."

Tip # 16. Measure ROI

Even though quizzes are great for piquing people’s interest and collecting leads, you need to know if they help your business make money. Track sales and how many people buy from you after having taken your quiz. You need to be ROI (or “ROQ!”) positive. If your quiz isn’t producing, you’ll need to adjust!

Kirsten's Tip: "Checking your quiz's ROI is like seeing how healthy your business is. It helps you make smart decisions."

Your quiz should grab their attention and keep it. When they finish, they should feel like it was a great use of their time, which will help build the “know, like, and trust” factor quickly. It's all about making every interaction count, leaving a positive impression that resonates long after they've completed the quiz. So, strive to create quizzes that not only inform but also engage and delight. That's the key to cultivating long-lasting relationships with your audience.

BONUS: Kirsten’s Tips for Entrepreneurs

Starting and growing a business is like a journey with different seasons. Just as in life, businesses have their ups and downs. Here are some important tips for entrepreneurs to handle these seasons well:

  • Recognize the Season: Understand that every business journey has its seasons. In the beginning, it may seem tough and time-consuming. But remember, this is part of how it all works, and you'll need to put in time, effort, and learning to start.

  • Momentum Matters: As you keep going through the challenges at the start, things get easier. Tasks that used to feel hard become easier because you're getting better. Being patient and not giving up is key.

  • It’s Okay to Feel Uncomfortable at the Beginning: Don't expect your business to be super easy from the start. You might need to spend a lot of time and energy on it at first.

  • Progress at Your Pace: Everyone moves forward at their own speed. If it takes you longer to get good at something or achieve success, that's perfectly fine. What matters is that you keep going.

  • Master Your Craft: Spend time learning and getting better at what you do. Whether it's making quizzes or any other business, the more you learn, the more successful you can be.

  • Embrace Uncertainty: Understand that business doesn't always go as planned. There will be good times and bad times. When things get tough, see it as a chance to learn and grow.

  • Persistence Pays Off: Stay determined and keep trying even when things are hard. Being an entrepreneur means not giving up when you face challenges.

  • Adapt and Evolve: Be open to change. As your business grows, be ready to update your strategies and what you offer to make your customers happy.

  • Measure Progress: Keep an eye on how well you're doing. Look at things like how many people buy from you or read what you write. This helps you see what's working and what needs improvement.

  • Focus on Sustainability: Aim to make your business sustainable. Once you've learned and practiced enough, you can make your business work in a way that's not too hard on you.

  • Avoid Overloading Yourself: Don't try to do too many things at once. It can be overwhelming and reduce your chances of success. Focus on specific tasks to improve your chances of doing well.

Kirsten's journey shows that by staying dedicated and always learning, you can use various strategies to level up your marketing and achieve your business goals. If you're curious to learn more about Kirsten and dive into the realm of interactive marketing, visit And, for a more personal connection, feel free to reach out to her on social media using the handle Kirsten Tyrrel.

…And That’s the Scoop!

Unlocking the potential of quizzes and strategic marketing can be a game-changer on your entrepreneurial journey. Think of them as your secret weapons for engaging your audience and gaining invaluable insights. Remember, they're just a couple of the many tools in your arsenal on your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

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