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9 Reasons Why I Love Having Rich Friends...

1. Rich people aren't that smart.

They're just normal people.

Once you realize this, something changes in your brain.

You start thinking, "If they can do it, why can't I?"

Seeing your "dumb" friend making money will help you realize you can do it too.

2. They're less jealous.

When we had poor friends, they made us feel guilty for going to Disney World with our kids.

Everything had to be a secret.

Rich friends understand and appreciate the hard work it took to earn what you have. And don't judge you for it...

3. They're more generous.

Rich people provide more jobs.

Give more to charity.

They help other businesses by spending money.

They give bigger tips.

They understand how to make money so they don't hold onto it so tightly.

They make money so they can help more people.

4. They're more open-minded.

To make money you have to think outside the box.

Try new things.

Experiment with what works.

Work with new people.

Look for new ideas.

A closed mind = a shrinking business.