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Where Will Your Business Be In 12 Months...??

One-On-OneBusiness Coaching

Want To Work With Us One-On-One To Help Grow Your Business?

Click Here To Apply for One-on-One Coaching.

For a Limited Time, We Are Accepting Applications To Work One-On-One With A Few People Who Want To Skyrocket Their Business Over The Next 12 Months! 

Steve Libman and Travis Cotter business clients

Every time we look at the numbers, it’s The #1 secret to success is absolutely getting around the people that can give you the blueprint.  I know some people are skeptical about paying for “education,” like I was.  But you’re going to pay one way or the other. It was just these little tweaks along the way that made such a huge difference.  You can lose money by wasting time and messing up trying to figure it out yourself, or you can get around the right people and get the help you need.

- Steven Libman and Travis Cotter

Justin Williams business coach
Millionaire University - Your School for Wealth Creation

Justin Williams

Millionaire University

Dear Business Owner,

We have a lot planned for Millionaire University...


And until recently, one on one coaching just wasn’t a part of that plan! 


But we do know that ONE-ON-ONE COACHING IS BY FAR THE FASTEST WAY WE CAN HELP someone exponentially grow their business in the shortest period of time.   


And as we discussed it, we knew that in order to make it worth our time, we’d need to charge around $300,000 for a program like this and that just wasn’t what we were going for here at M.U.  

Justin Williams business coaching
Justin Williams business coaching his cousin Brady Price
Justin Williams business coaching his cousin Brady Price
Justin Williams business coaching his cousin Brady Price
Justin Williams business coaching his cousin Brady Price
Justin Williams business coaching his cousin Brady Price
Justin Williams business coaching

But last week I got a text from my cousin asking if we could talk. 


I knew he wanted to talk about his business and I thought I knew what he would say and what I would tell him...but I was completely wrong!  


Not only is he making a strong 6 FIGURE INCOME but he’s LIVING WITH HIS FAMILY IN COSTA RICA!  Something that has always been a dream of theirs.  


And he told me that it was all because of some very specific things I had told him to do a while ago, that allowed him to get there.  


Understanding his exact business and where he was, allowed me to give specific feedback to him and his situation. 


He’s already been executing on the things we talked about, so he’ll most likely 3X his business again, in the next 12 months and will make a strong 7 figure income.  How cool is that..?  

After talking to him, I was reminded of the power of working with someone one-one-one!  


There is power in all coaching...but nothing quite like being able to really understand and dive into someone’s business and very specifically, tell them the next thing to do for their business.  


Now this was just after talking to him a few times about his business.  

And it got me thinking…what would be possible if we were to work with someone like this...but on a more consistent basis?  


But I just knew it wasn’t possible for the amount we would have to charge. It just wasn’t what we were going for.  


But something I’ve found and often try to implement is, instead of asking "CAN we do this?" I ask "HOW CAN we do this?"


So that’s the question I started to ask myself…"HOW could we do this..?"  


But I just kept coming up with the same thing…No it’s just not going to work.


But then it hit me!!  


Business owners, entrepreneurs.
Business owners, entrepreneurs.
Business owners, entrepreneurs.
Business owners, entrepreneurs.
Business owners, entrepreneurs.

What if we were to document the journey of those we work with and share it with THE REST OF THE MILLIONAIRE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY???

What if we showed them what was possible??


So I talked to Tara about it and we decided to go for it!  This could be big for Millionaire University!


Now I want to be clear, this program is NOT for everyone!  If you’re working 80 hours a week or are currently strapped for cash, this program is just not the right fit for you at this time.  


And while we are going to be charging much less than we would normally charge for something like this...the cost is still significant.

So we want to make sure we are working with someone who can really commit and will be an implementing machine!  


It’s our goal that you, at minimum, 10x the investment you make and we won’t be able to do that unless you are able to quickly and effectively execute at the highest level possible.  

Justin Williams business coaching

We’ve never done ANYTHING like this at this level and this is the only time we will.  (At least at this price) so it you’re interested then click on the link and we’ll be in touch!  

We can't wait to see what you do in the next 12 months!!!

- Justin Williams

Click Here To Apply for One-on-One Coaching.

Tanner Larsen business client

I already had my own business when I met Justin and Tara. I knew I wanted my income to grow, but more than that, I wanted time. I wanted freedom. I wanted to hang out with my family. Learning how to focus on the things that really impacted our business was huge. The question was always, “How do I 10X this? How can I amplify this process?” After working with Justin and Tara, we’ve ended up doubling our business year over year.  It's been amazing!!

- Tanner Larsen

First, we will determine where you are in your business and where you want to go. 

We will then create a plan specific to those goals and what actions you will take to get there.  We will constantly be reevaluating and adjusting these actions to make sure you stay on track.   

We will implement a system of accountability and communication.  
You will basically have direct access to us anytime you need.  (You'll literally have our cell phone number.)

You can email or text anytime and set up calls as needed. 

Most importantly...we will be here for you to make sure you're dialed in and taking effective action where it counts.

Click Here To Apply for One-on-One Coaching.

Millionaire University

One-On-One Coaching Program

**Results will vary and are not guaranteed.  Ultimately your results are based on your execution, resources, business model, market conditions and forces beyond our control.** 

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