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8 Businesses You Can Start Today That Can Make You 10k/month

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

1. Trash can cleaning service

Why we like this business...

-Low barrier to entry

-Easy to get customers

-Repeatable customers

The math...

$15/trash can

30 trash cans/day = $450/day

$450 x 25 days = $11,250/month

Scale it...

Hire help at $20/hour to scale

Trash can cleaning service business

2. Mobile Car Detailing

Why we like this business...

-Most people have cars

-Cars continually need washing

$75/car + 10 cars/day = $750/day

$750 x 25 days = $18,750/mon

Scale it...

Hire 10 people at $200/day each

$137,500/month - $30k overhead = 7 Figure Profit/Year

Mobile car detailing and washing service business

3. Social Media Manager


20 clients x $500 = $10,000/month

Scale it...

Raise prices to $1,500 per month

Create systems, use tools, VA's and hire 2 managers

50 clients at $1,500 per month = $75,000 per month, minus $20,000 (overhead) a month = $55,000 a month

Social Media Manager Business

4. Digital Marketer

Choose a marketing vertical

Start with 1 client & grow from there

$2,500/month per client

5 clients= $12,500/mon

Scale it...

Make a course & raise prices

$5k/mon-done for you service

$500 for course x 50/month = $25k/mon

25 clients= $125k/month

Total $150k/month

Digital marketer business

5. E-Commerce

Is there a physical product that you'd like to sell?

Let's say you have a $30 product

$30 product, sell 20/day = $600/day

$600x30 days = $18,000

$18,000 - $6-8,000, cost of product/overhead = $10-12,000/month

Scale it...

Sell 3-4 more products in the same category

E-commerce business

6. Saas

Partner with or pay a software engineer to create a simple software solution.


200 clients x $100 = $20,000/month

Scale it...

Charge more, add additional features, get more clients, hire a sales team...

500 clients at $300/month = 150k/month

Software as a solution business, SaaS

7. Education Business

What is a skill or topic you know a lot about that you can leverage..?

$100/month subscription

$100 x 100 customers = $10,000

Scale it...

Start a high-level mastermind group at $25k per year

50 clients x 25k = 1.25M

1.25M - 250k (for overhead) = 1M/year

Education business

8. Catering Company

$40 a person x 20 person avg = $800 per event

25 events per month = $20,000

20k - 10k (for overhead) = $10,000 a month

Scale it...

Branch out to other locations, open a physical location, and if that does well, possibly a franchise

Catering business

This is a just quick overview of some possible business concepts...

If you'd like to hear about these businesses, click here to check out our podcast where we went into more depth about each one.

- Justin and Tara

p.s. And if you'd like even more ideas, we have over 300+ business ideas included in a FREE Business Course Training that you can get here.


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