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Welcome To Millionaire University!

Updated: Feb 21

My name is Justin Williams and I'm excited to begin this journey with you!

It is our belief that ANYONE can start and grow a successful business.

While starting and running a successful business isn't easy, it's not much harder than the alternative either. If you're going to get up and go to work each day, why not create something for you and your family? Something that makes you feel alive and excited about life!

The Story...

It was just over 20 years ago, that I found myself in college attending classes that I had absolutely no interest in and honestly, I was confused.

I had always wanted to own my own business and all I was ever told was "You have to graduate from college if you want to be successful, or you'll be flipping burgers for the rest of your life." Luckily I liked to play football and worked hard at it. So when I was offered a full-ride scholarship, I was pumped. College it was!

But then this crazy thing happened. Once I got there, I couldn't see how any of it was going to help me make money. I'm not saying I didn't learn anything at all, it just wasn't a very effective way to learn about what I wanted to do with my life. I are pretty cool I guess if you're into that sort of thing, but I was just jumping through the hoops so I could keep playing football and eventually graduate.

But finally, in the fall of 2004, I'd had enough. I had just married the love of my life, we now had a baby on the way, I had just injured my shoulder AGAIN playing football and so I made one of the hardest decisions I had made up to that point in my life, I quit playing football. Once football was off the table I just couldn't get myself to go to one more class. I couldn't do it.

So with one semester left to graduate (and a baby on the way), I did what any other "smart" person would do and I dropped out. Not only did I give up my scholarship (which also paid for our food and rent) but I convinced Tara to quit her job as a 3rd-grade teacher as well. I mean what could go wrong right? We had a million-dollar dream and nothing could get in our way! Tara was soo lucky to be married to me!

Or was she..?

Let's just say things didn't go exactly as planned...within a year of starting our first business we found ourselves with $120,000 of debt and a failed partnership.

We were just going along and learning from the school of hard knocks. And we took some hard knocks, I'll tell you what. We were just two kids, one college dropout and one third-grade teacher blazing a path on our own. No help, no guidance, just determination and naive belief in our life dream.

Those days were hard but I wouldn't trade them for anything, they're our story. Tara's and mine. But that doesn't mean I think everyone should walk the same path. No way.

I don't want someone to have to spend years making the mistakes we did. I don't want them to start multiple businesses without great guidance from experienced business owners.

I don't want them to walk up to their bedroom at night and find their wife who's pregnant with their 3rd child crying, because she's so stressed out about how to pay the bills tomorrow.

I don't want them to take years before they realize the best way to learn is from other experienced business owners who are doing exactly what they are doing.

Ok I didn't mean to go on and on about our personal life and I'm sure you'll learn more about us as we go...but to make a long story short, we're now in a place where we can start and run a successful 7+ figure business in any industry, from anywhere in the world. That's just not something they teach you in college, and that knowledge, that understanding is something is that NO ONE can take away from us!

So what does that have to do with Millionaire University?

Well, let's be honest. It's not like business is rocket science. If I were to take a group of people and work with them for a few years to help them build their own business, instead of going to college, they'd be WAY more successful. Hands down.

Instead of graduating with a ton of debt and no business to show for it, they'd "graduate" as millionaires with thriving businesses. Not to mention all the knowledge and experience you'd have from it. That's true education. That's true empowerment.

In college, I found myself focused on pleasing the teachers and passing tests I quickly forgot about more than building my future and financial skills. It just didn't make a lot of sense to me and still never has.

And now as our kids are getting older and are about to graduate from high school, we are asking ourselves "What is their best option?"

Do we send them to college to waste time and money or do we send them to the big wide online world to start out on their own?

Neither of those options seem to really fit what people need when starting a business. College had the path, but it wasn't the best path and the online world is incredible but can be so daunting, our kids would get overwhelmed and lost in it all.

So finally one day, we thought, why don't we create what we wanted and desperately needed when we started out? Why don't we create a school that creates a path for business owners taught by successful business owners who could help you every step of the way?

We knew we could help someone reach their financial goals WAY faster and learn WAY more without all that debt at such a young age.

So we decided to do something about it! And Millionaire University was born!

This is just the beginning of something amazing. We're redefining education for a new generation. There is no longer just one path to success in life.

This isn't a school where we put you into our box. We help you figure out the goals you want to achieve in life and the path to get the quickest time possible.

Who Is Millionaire University For...??

Millionaire University is for anyone who wants to create financial and lifestyle freedom for themselves and their family. For anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life doing what they choose on their terms. It's for those who understand that building a business and fulfilling life takes time and effort, but if you're going to dream, why not build your dreams instead of someone else's?

What Do I Do Next...??

For starters get our FREE Business Training Course Here. We've helped hundreds of business owners, we can help you too!

What to expect...

Keep listening to our podcast, and subscribe to our newsletter below and we'll continue to be here for you and guide you on your journey. And we'll also update you on all the things that are happening and share valuable insights. You can follow us on social media etc.

This is Millionaire University! We’re so excited you’re here!

- Justin

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